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I am not currently accepting any new clients for pet grooming (exceptions made for nail trim only appointments). Please feel free to contact me if you need a referral to another groomer or if you would like to be put on my waiting list. Availability updates will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.

We offer a premium grooming service in a quiet home shop. Many specialty services are also available such as:

  • Hand Stripping for Terriers and Sporting Dogs

  • Full hand scissor cuts

  • Creative coloring

  • Special handling for nervous or difficult dogs

  • Grooming to breed standard for purebred dogs and for conformation on most breeds

All specialty or add on services must be requested at time of booking.

Add-on Services

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Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic tooth brushing

$30 first appointment (includes brush head) then $20 for follow ups.


Nagayu Co2 spa tablets

$5 for dogs under 40lbs or $10 over 40 lbs.

All grooming services are by appointment only including nail trims.

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